Everon Everon trade name has been on the market more than 13 years in Vietnam with two main product lines Everon print (printed fabrics) and Everon solid (plain fabric). Product has a variety in color and style, 100% of cotton fabric, reasonable price, is always the first choice for consumers. Everon has and will always stand in the position of a market in Vietnam.
Artemis Artemis Bearing the name of the goddess of beauty in ancient Greek legend, Senior product line of Artemis really stands out with its luxurious design, exquisite and unique. High quality fabric is woven meticulously, sophisticatedly, delicate embroidery pattern, elegant accessories and attachments as decorative line, stones, beads … has created another set of products really different.Artemis is slowly getting the attention and trust of senior customer segment.
Edelin Edelin has been officially available on the market since July 2011. Edelin product line is built to meet the needs of customer group with moderate incomes with the desire to search for a trade name they know and trust. Edelin will satisfy with the basic needs of the consumer in terms of durability, comfort and affordability when purchasing products. Edelin – warmer, more love and compassion.
Lovelon Lovelon trade name in appearance meets the shopping style bringing modern convenience to you in buying and selling online.
Dexfil Dexfil Trade name of DEXFIL cotton is normally Low Denier cotton products have been researched, developed and supplied by Everpia Vietnam in all over the world, the product has been certified as safe and friendly with the environment. Dexfil Cotton is light and thin, with thermal insulation properties of the optimal air retention, maintaining its original shape after washing, should be developed in countries with much cheaper prices compared to the other ordinary Low Denier products.
Thermolite Thermolite is the best padding brand name on the global of INVISTA company U.S. Cotton has a warmth, soft and light spreading wide, used for garments, sleeping bags, furniture for winter, accessories for hunting shoes, with a high protection nature and products used for adventure hunt, adventurous.
Dacron Dacron Padding label used for the products of Blanket – Mattress of U.S. INVISTA Company. Materials are super light, soft similar to fuzz so well suited for the bedroom furniture products such as inner pillows, blanket and mattress.
Advansa Advansa The leading cotton label of polyester in Europe used for the products of Blanket – Bed sheet – Pillow – Mattress

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