Cases are under the warranty Cases are not under the warranty
  • Thickness and hardness of unequal mattresses
  • Mattress with no straight section
  • Product surface is uneven.
  • Product is wrong sized (exceeded the difference allowed 3% compared to the size put up).
  • The product with its warranty card is filled with information (certified by the sales agent) and have been registered under the guidance of Vietnam Everpia

When the product appears in one of the above defects, the customer should inform the shop agencies where customers buy products or direct contact with the Customer Catering Office of Everpia Vietnam (Hotline: 0904120189).

Everpia Vietnam is not responsible for shipping cost incurred during the warranty.

  • Product is not registered on warranty
  • There is no warranty or warranty card is not filled enough information.
  • Product warranty expires. The warranty period is 5 years from the date of purchase.
  • Product is used on the wrong purpose or mproperly used and stored with user manual.
  • Products are dirty, yellow stained in term of use.
  • Products were cut, trimmed orchanged with the structure to its original shape.
  • Products damaged due to unforeseen conditions such as natural disasters, fires, …
  • No warranty for the mattress cover

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